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UPDATE: The version in question appears to be a re-release of the cult classic game and is available to purchase starting today on Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store.

There are quite a few games that we grew up with as children. Some of these titles stayed in our hearts as we moved towards adulthood and a life of responsibility. Freedom Fighters is one of these games. The intense story, squad-based gameplay, and an epic soundtrack by Jesper Kyd remain fresh in many of our hearts. The game might be making a come back, according to a few observant folks on Reddit.

Reddit user u/ArtisticTap4 has come across a new PEGI rating for Freedom Fighter on the official PEGI site. The game is rated 16 and includes violence (because that’s what freedom fighting is about, right?). IO Interactive will be handling the game, though it is yet unknown whether we will be seeing a remaster or a remake. There’s always a chance that a Freedom Fighters remake will be the thing to be excited about, considering that some aspects of the game might not be exciting for a modern audience (and may need to be remade).

Freedom Fighters has been rated by the PEGI.

The website hyperlink points towards the official IO Interactive website, though an announcement can’t be found. However, a rating does mean that the game is in production, and will be coming soon.

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