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‘Forsaken’ is the next bundle that will be released with the new ACT, and it might be the one you were waiting for. The bundle is described as “Wear the remnants of the exiled Sovereign, the banished and corrupted Forsaken”.

The skin is heavily inspired from the Sovereign bundle is moreover, the dark form of the Soverign skin. It emphasizes the same mystical and elite design, but with a dark twist. It features, dark essence, corrupted and cracked build and the magic gems which pulls the entire weapon together.

The weapon will have its own “Custom Model, Visual Effects, Audio, Variants, Kill Banner and Finisher”. And has the following weapons and items in the bundle – Vandal, Operator, Spectre, Classic, Forsaken Ritual Blade (melee), 1 Buddy, 1 Spray, 1 Player Card. The entire bundle is priced at 7100 VP, which is the highest tier pricing in the store.

And as for the upgrades, here is everything you need to know-
Level 1: Model with custom ADS reticle and custom bullet ejectables
Level 2: Custom muzzle flash VFX and fire audio; idle gem effect (gem swirls)
Level 3: Custom equip VFX/Audio (cracks appear); custom reload VFX/Audio(cracks appear); custom inspect audio; gem reacts on kill
Level 4: Kill Banner and Finisher
Level 5: Chroma with gold model and blue VFX (v1); Finisher and Kill Banner arethemed based on Sovereign skin.

We are really excited for the upcoming bundle, as it is coming out on April 27 with the new map and battlepass. What are you views on the Forsaken Bundle? Also make sure you know everything about the upcoming map Breeze here! 

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