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Breeze is the highly awaited upcoming tropical paradise that all the players had been waiting for. With the addition of Breeze, there will now be a total of 6 Maps in the Valorant playlist. Let us take a dive, and get to know more about the inspiration of the map!

Set in the southern part of the BERMUDATRIANGLE, Breeze offers wide angles, open spaces, and therefore more opportunities for long-range fights. So, people who are really good with their one taps, or even their crosshair placement, this might make you happy!

Some of the important key factors of Breeze include-
● Long Range engagements
● Large open spaces
● Wide choke points
● Important territory control

Valorant Breeze site

It is also really important to know what the developers had in their minds while coming with an entirely new map that the entire world is looking forward to. Sal Garozzo had a say when he was asked about the goals during the making of this map. Sal says “One of the main goals we had with Breeze was building larger and more open spaces with longer sightlines than the other maps in the pool. This provides an opportunity for different weapons and Agents to shine. Each map should provide different strengths and weaknesses for the Agents in the roster to explore while supporting different types of strategies and team compositions.” Devon Fay had a say when he was asked about the key inspiration about Breeze and its colorful design. Devon says “Breeze was heavily inspired by islands in the Caribbean. We loved the old forts and tropical beaches. After the cold, angular world of Icebox, we were really excited for the open, bright, colorful world of Breeze.
The setting also let us tell a story of modern piracy in a history-rich location. What if Kingdom lost control of its Radianite stores and technology? What would the people who took it do with it?”. This gives us a brief backstory for the upcoming map which in our opinion may open up even more opportunities for Riot in terms of the lore.

The Map is set to launch on April 27, and we’re as excited for the launch of the map as you are. Stay tuned for more updates!

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