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Ubisoft, a company that has become famed for exploiting titles is bringing out one of it’s famous franchises, the FarCry Primal this year on February 23. The game is set in a pre-historic time and has ventured out to do something different. Ubisoft rolled out the system requirements and here’s what we think about it:


Minimum Requirements:

CPU- Intel i3-550/ AMD Phenom X II X4 955

GPU- Nvidia GTX 460/AMD HD 5770


Storage- 20 GB

The system requirements sure do look surprisingly less for a Ubisoft game. Another less processor intensive game with less RAM requirement. Again any modern processor will handle the game smoothly. A GTX 460 may have been a powerful card in it’s time but is roughly equal to an Nvidia GTX 650 or AMD HD 7770. Playing at a lower resolution such as 720p will bring the requirements down to any of the Nvidia GT series cards such as GT 820 or even GT 730. The storage has been brought down to 20 GB from 30 GB of FarCry 4.

Recommened Requirements:

CPU- Intel i7-2600K/ AMD FX 8350

GPU- Nvidia GTX 780/ AMD R9 280X


Storage- 20 GB

In 2015 most of the games had a recommended requirements of i7-3770 or somewhere around the same range, it’s good to see a game which is easy to run. 8 GB of RAM is actually not a very high demand. The GPU demand is decent for recommended requirements. Most of the games these days need a powerful GPU to run games at Ultra preset. The game, we hope looks awesome on PC, especially the pre-historic world.

As you must have noticed in the above system requirements, the game is less demanding than its previous iteration. There is a vast difference in the storage requirement which is at 20 GB in comparison to FarCry4’s 30 GB. In fact the AMD GPU requirement has also gone down a notch. This can be a result of better optimization and is a good sight. Let’s hope that we get a decent port. Adios.

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