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Facebook has acquired the developer team Ready At Dawn, the creators of the VR game Lone Echo. They announced it today via a blog post. Ready At Dawn had previously made the cinematic game The Order: 1886 exclusively for the PS4 platform. Facebook has promised that the team will remain independent and continue creating “memorable, immersive and innovative VR content” for Oculus Studios.

Lone Echo is a 2017 VR adventure game set aboard the Kronos II mining space station orbiting Saturn. You play as an ECHO ONE service android named Jack and you work together with Captain Olivia Rhodes to investigate a mysterious space anomaly that causes some of the station’s vital systems to malfunction. The game’s unique movement system simulated the movement of astronauts in a zero-gravity environment, where you need to grab and push off to navigate. The team also created a team based arena multiplayer sports mode called Echo VR, which was later released as a F2P standalone game.

Ready At Dawn is currently hard at work on the sequel, Lone Echo II.

In November 2019, Facebook had acquired the VR studio Beat Games, the developers of the rhythm game Beat Saber. The amount that Facebook paid for these studios is still undisclosed.

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