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Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown has launched a single player PvE mode called Trials with Update 1.4.1. It contains over 15 challenges to the two maps Lawson Delta and Stillwater Bayou, which let you practice using different guns like the sniper, test your parkour abilities and a horde mode. It is a nice way of getting to know the maps without encountering roaming veteran players with murderous intentions. Completing the trials and collecting stars, one for each difficulty setting, would also unlock exclusive rewards.

The new addition to the regular competitive multiplayer PvPvE mode, is dual wielding for handguns – a long-awaited community request. A bevy of bug fixes, tweaks, buffs, nerfs, and new Legendary weapons have also been included.

In the weird west setting of Hunt: Showdown, teams of monster hunters are locked in a battle of wits and violence with each other and varied monsters – your goal is to defeat and banish the big boss ranging from the pig-headed Butcher, the gigantic Spider or the more recent bug-nest Assassin, and escape with the bounty, all while stopping others from doing the same.


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