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On 26 September, EVE: Valkyrie will be expanding to becoming EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone

once Warzone hits, you won’t be needing a VR headset to play EVE: Valkyrie, because not everyone has a headset, EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone will be Optimised to be perfectly playable on a TV or monitor as well as in VR on both PC and PS4, so pilots will be able to fly, fight and die together both in and out of virtual reality.

Everything in the Warzone expansion will be a free download for existing pilots. Plus, to make Warzone even more appealing to rookie pilots, it’s also getting a significant price drop. It’ll launch at just $29.99 (SRP)

The Warzone expansion also brings:

  • • NEW next-generation fleet of ships, each with unique weapons and Ultra abilities
  • • NEW modular progression system, giving you more control over how you evolve your ships
  • • NEW maps: ‘Fleet’, a Sisters of EVE space station, and ‘Outpost’, a mysterious Drifter base
  • • NEW game mode: ‘Extraction’, which mixes combat and navigational challenges, forcing pilots to use the environment to their advantage
  • • NEW reward system: Earn Reward Capsules to unlock a hangar full of personalization optionsmore details on this expansion will be arriving on September 26, on the DevBlog
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