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Elite is a collection of Facebook groups that plan to take user interaction in the Indian gaming community to the next level. Be it hardware, casual gaming, or esports, Elite has it all.

If you’re part of the Indian gaming community, there is a chance that you’ve heard about Elite gaming community (on Facebook). This is where some of the hottest gaming discussions take place, ranging from esports, casual games, hardware and so much more! If you’re more of the competitive kind, you can find several tournaments and get yourself some nice goodies by winning. Even if competitive stuff is not your thing, there’s always a giveaway or two happening which can get you Elite merchandise or hardware for free.

The group has come a long way since its inception. Starting out as a group where people used to trade CS: GO cosmetics, people found the need to talk offtopic, leading to the birth of the Elite Offtopic group. Initially a hub of everything offtopic and not strictly related to the trading of cosmetics, the group got a big boost when the ESL India Premiership was announced. The ESL India Premiership allowed the competitive spirit to grow. The group branched into hardware through the Elite Gamer’s Store much later and into casual gaming through the Elite Gamer’s Hub pretty recently.

The Elite Gamer’s Store is the one-stop-shop for all hardware solutions. Get your desired gear and hardware at decent prices, and have them shipped to your place. The group has quite a roster of verified sellers, all of whom boast about offering better prices and solutions than ground-level stores. Elite Gamer’s Hub is the perfect place to have a discussion about casual gaming and is open to all who want to join and contribute. Elite has numerous brands like Gigabyte, ZOTAC, Corsair, HyperX, and others working with them for giveaways and tournament prizes, so be sure to check back often and participate in discussions if you wish to be a part of it. Currently, the group is running a giveaway for a Corsair HS50 headset, and anyone in the group can participate in the giveaway.

Founder of Elite groups, Jai “JD” Desai says, “Elite is a tightly knit family of Indian gamers. My team and I have a vision of building India’s biggest family of gamers, a place where the Indian Gamers can interact, solve their issues and also buy PC components at amazing rates. I believe the Indian Gaming & Esports scene has a lot of potential but a large portion of these gamers are still scattered due to lack of a common forum to address the gaming scene in India. We believe elite could be that platform for them and we could contribute a small part to the growth of the Gaming scene in India. Elite is recognized as a potential platform by most of the players in the professional Esports scene and also by the Heads of the Gaming Peripheral brands and that means a lot for our platform and for our existing gamers.”
Join the group and be a part of the Elite family today using the link below!
  1. Elite has helped me a great deal and the community is just amazing.
    I encourage everyone to join the group.

  2. The kind of support that you get from elite members !! Its just amazing , very helping and trusted peeps.

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