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Kickstarter is the best platform for developers who have great ideas and is also the best place for those creative geniuses who need support from a community that is willing to place their trust in them. The games on Kickstarter are not necessarily crowd pleasers, but some games do have unique and interesting concepts. In the past few years; there have been many games that launched on Kickstarter and were also quite successful. Games like Shadowrun, Divinity and Darkest Dungeon are all excellent examples. So we decided to sit down on Kickstarter and listed out some of the more interesting games that caught our attention.


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Have you ever wished that a game had both- Guns and Superpowers. Well your wish has been granted by Exagon Games. This game is for people looking for some serious fun, not for those who want to have only some random shiny graphics. The game has a highly customizable weapon set and gives you the freedom to become the player you aim to be. Superpowers include the likes of Gravity Control, Teleportaion and Time Inversion which will definitely make you feel badass. For now there are a few basic game modes available but they will soon be adding some other exciting  game modes. You can view their Kickstarter campaign over here.


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We have classified gamers into different types previously, according to the games they play. Well, this game seriously made us go in circles about the type of gamers that would be willing to play the game. The reason for the dilemma was that this game seems to cater the needs of many types of gamers, be it casual, hardcore, retro or in some cases the graphic whores as well. You are just a cube and have to navigate around different levels that may challenge your wit or may just require you to ‘Hulk Smash’ through. The game is  a platformer, and is based loosely on the games that came out in the 1980’s. It is challenging according to the developers (Seems so by the gameplay as well…. Shh) and has great visuals & gameplay. One great feature about this game is that it can be played in first person, third person and even aerial view. The game seems simple yet exciting. The various details on the Kickstarter campaign can be found here.


Invisigun Heroes


Having the power of invisibility sure sounds like an awesome power to have if you want to beat someone, but what happens if your enemy is invisible as well. I guess there is a lot of fun to have. And playing with 4 friends on a single screen! Looks like the game is trying to bring back the good ol’ days of couch gaming. Invisigun is all about observation and anticipation. The game puts you in an arena where you and your opponents remain invisible and the only way to approximate the location of the enemy is to look out for subtle clues. Rather than twitch reflexes this game puts more focus on your gray matter and your ability to anticipate your opponent’s moves, which makes the overall gameplay slower and tactical. More details can be found on their Kickstarter page here.

Planet Nomads

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If you thought that No Man’s Sky was a very ambitious game, you’d start doubting that after getting to know this game. Imagine combining Minecraft  and what we have seen of No Man’s Sky. Yes you got it right! An open procedurally generated universe with hardcore survival & crafting mixed in. You’ll be able to salvage resources and will also be able to simultaneously craft weapons, vehicles and much more stuff. The first end game, according to the developers, would be when you are able to craft a spaceship, and from where we are sitting, we think that is where the game actually begins. Achieving each financial goal will increase the number of features of the game such as Multiplayer mode, VR support and spreading on to consoles. The Kickstarter campaign page can be viewed here.

YOLO Animals

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The objective of the game is very simple- Eat or get Eaten. The game has you control an animal and you have to pace around an arena, keep eating animals and keep growing BIGGER. Another alternative to eating animals is to pick up random weapons available in the map and poach others. The developers are call it the first OMES (Online Multiplayer Eater-Shooter). The game has it’s highs and lows but definitely has potential. On top of that you can even try out the demo, the link for which is given on their Kicstarter page. The details of the rest of the Kickstarter campaign can be found here.

All these games seem very interesting and we are hoping that they make it to the Steam market, so that gamers can get something intuitive to feast on. If you find any of the games interesting, do not hold back in supporting them, be it through Kickstarter or even through social media. Let us know in the comments below what you think about the listed projects. Till then- Keep Gaming!! Adios!

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