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Card games was something like regular board games, played by the average nerds from high school, till Yu Gi Oh and Magic the Gathering made card games a worldwide phenomenon. Every developer wanted to get into the card game craze, trying the craziest alterations to the formula developed by Wizards of the Coast. The digital card game Hearthstone, developed by Blizzard, enjoyed the most popular among all digital card games. The new age of card games saw Gwent, developed by CD Projekt Red, make a prominent place in the world of video games. Despite the popularity of the franchise, newer games had fewer things to add as “unique” features. One game which tries to re-imagine card games as board games in the digital format is Dreamspire : The War For Eden.

DreamSpire: The War For Eden is an original trading card game inspired by the works of Final Fantasy, Phantasy Star, Magic The Gathering, chess, and many other sources. The goal of DreamSpire is to create in-depth strategy gameplay where decision can turn the tides at any point, making players stay on their toes and on their game. In DreamSpire, a player selects 4 Guardians from a range of Classes such as Black Mage and Paladin, as well as a Crystal which imbues their Guardians with special traits or buffs and create a deck suited to their individual strategies built with attacks, items, and even summons and equipment. The party and deck customization is limitless, as well as the variation of strategy of playing on a 9×9 board, leaving games to be different with every game.

Some of the cards in DreamSpire, A War For Eden

The game’s mechanics look slightly complicated, since it combines a traditional card game with the mechanics of a chess board. Even for people starting the game, with the presence of a proper tutorial about the type of cards and the various ways in which they can be used in the field,the game can prove to be an engaging one. For fans of card games, Dreamspire is definitely worth a look at.

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