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Wars. Wars never change. All wars are destructive and lead to the loss of countless lives. The subcontinent had faced one of the most dreadful wars in the aftermath of Independence and the exit of the British. We’ve had quite a few games based on the World Wars, and quite a few other wars. However, few games dare to take up the challenge of basing their game on modern conflicts (which become sources for controversy which continue for many days). That’s exactly what makes 1971: Indian Naval Front so good – it tries to explore uncharted territory with the possible risk of controversy.

1971: Indian Naval Front allows one to take up the cause of the Indian Navy in the Indo-Pak War. Navigate through many historical conflicts like Operation Trident and more taken during the war on the treacherous waters of the Bay of Bengal and in the Arabian Sea. Use Indian battleships like the INS Vikrant, INS Rajput, INS Brahmaputra, and several others and take naval combat to the next level. Take to the skies with the Hawker Seahawk to cause some havoc among the enemy ranks, or use the Westland Seaking helicopter for reconnaissance missions. Get to replay the game through special time trial modes for testing yourself, or play it out in a Quick Battle mode with several preset scenarios (basically the Skirmish mode).

1971: Indian Naval Front is being developed by Neosphere Interactive, a game developer based in the country itself. 1971: Indian Naval Front looks to be their first major release on Steam. The studio seems to have a weakness for military themes, which explains why they might be taking a chance with 1971: Indian Naval Front.

Anyone wishing to play the game can wishlist the game on Steam. The game does not have a launch date as of yet, but we’ll keep you posted when they actually release one.

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