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On the off chance that you are those kinda folks who are crying at a corner of your room and still itching to get your hands on the most sensational app of the year, Pokémon GO, in India then no problem. I’ve a solution for it.

While Pokémon GO is available in parts of Europe and other territories, its still not yet officially available in India. However, a simple work through will make this thing available in India too.

To get this thing work on your phone just download the game from here and follow the steps given below:


After you completed downloading the game open your file manager (I use ES File Explorer for example) and find the APK file (android application package) and click to install it.


When you try to do so, Android will block you from installing the app from an “unknown sources” due to Android’s security. You’ll see the above dialog box saying “install blocked”, albeit there’s an option in that dialog box which will prompt you to Android’s settings menu.


Scroll down the menu and you’ll soon notice an option called “Unknown Sources” as you can see in the above screenshot. After enabling that option you then have the permissions to install Pokémon GO (technically you are side loading it).


Again go to your file manager and try to install it. It should not block you this time and you can install and play the game in India without any interruption.

Then open the game create an account and catch ’em all.

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