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The iconic voice behind the monster slaying (and sometimes philosopher) extraordinaire Geralt of Rivia is as synonymous as the series itself. Veteran voice actor Doug Cockle has been doing an excellent work voicing everyone’s favourite mutant for the past 12 years. Despite being in the entertainment industry for almost 20 years, Mr Cockle never put his foot forward for motion capture.

“I have yet to get into a motion capture suite,” Cockle tells VG247. “It’s something I really want to do – it’s on my bucket list.”

Even after facing the harsh reality of never being able to motion capture for Lara Croft, the actor hopes to star in a Tomb Raider game sometime in the future. The man may not resemble Lara Croft much, but he’ll still be able to pull off a mean supporting role.

Cockle also says that he’d “love to be part of the Uncharted series” and we’re sure that the Uncharted fans have their ears open for voice actors besides Nolan North. Maybe he can pull off an antagonist. With that voice? yes, please! Make it happen, Naughty Dog!

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