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Winds of Magic expansion announced for ‘Vermintide 2’, adds Beastmen, new endgame content and more

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Well, Fatshark wasn’t kidding around when they said that the 1 year anniversary of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 will be special. The Swedish developer today announced Winds of Magic, a new expansion to their multimillion-selling and award-winning title.

Being the first expansion, Winds of Magic adds the true children of Chaos, aka The Beastmen as the third enemy faction to a roaster currently occupied by the Rotbloods and Clan Fester Skavens. These warp-spawned hybrids of animals and primitive humans will be the toughest enemy faction The Ubersreik Five have ever faced.

One noticeable new addition in the Winds of Magic expansion to Vermintide 2 are the new enemies, but as the title of the expansion hints, it is the Winds that will play a crucial part of the new adventure.

Each Wind of Magic will bring different gameplay to the players. A total of eight winds will confront the players in new and surprising ways, and offer close to an endless difficulty curve to challenge the toughest of the Vermintide 2 heroes. This includes the heroes confronting different challenges, mutators, and horde after horde of enemies in existing, yet remixed version of the current maps. Your goal in each Weave is to complete a specific task. Once the objective has been completed, a portal will open to an arena where players must survive a final showdown.

Winds of Magic also brings leaderboards, and there will no longer be a question of who’s the best. Can you beat the mighty player known as Krokben*? 

Furthermore, the expansion adds  new talents and a new weapon type for each character.

“This is the next chapter in the Vermintide 2 saga. New enemies bring new challenges for the players, and we know that our amazing community is ready to fend them off,” says Martin Wahlund, CEO Fatshark.

Winds of Magic Steam Page
Vermintide 2 was one of our favorite games of the past year and Jay played the game so much so that it became his personal GOTY of 2018.

You can find more information about the upcoming expansion in an exclusive PC Gamer featurette here.

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