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If you’ve slept off in classes dreaming about the new DOTA 2 update, that will revamp the game in every way and make a change to the boring DOTA 2 schedule of yours, then your wait is over! The Dueling Fates update is here.

The update introduces two new heroes, the Pangolier and the Dark Willow, both with their unique gameplay styles (like all other DOTA 2 heroes).

The update changes the MMR system completely, where each player is calibrated into a rank at the beginning of a season (with the first season beginning in two weeks). At the end of the season, each player earns a medal based on their rank that month, with five stars in each medal marking the progression.

The guide system for each hero has been changed, marking ability progression and item builds, with custom slots allowing you to make custom builds for heroes you choose to play.

Two new gameplay modes in the form of Turbo Mode and Ability Draft mode have been added. Turbo Mode increases gold and XP gain, allows item purchases from any shop within the map, and all towers have reduced health, meaning it is the perfect place for some casual DOTA 2. Ability draft allows you to make custom abilities for a hero, and use them to the best of their abilities in the game.

Smaller changes include a new ping wheel, which introduce better options while navigating on the map, allowing you to call out your teammates, adds a better voice pack for Juggernaut for owners of the Bladeform Legacy Arcana, while Ancient Apparition has been remodeled with better ambient effects. This also accompanies a long list of changes, which can be read here :



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