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Tom Clancy’s The Division BETA is running quite well and did created outrage among the players. During this period we also got our hands on The Division BETA and honestly we enjoyed some of our time in the game.

Recently, one of the developer confirmed in an interview with Team Epiphany that : The console editions of the game will able to tweak graphically to improve its frame rates on consoles. The developer says-

You can disable certain lighting aspects to improve frame rates in the console versions. I don’t know of another game that does that. So if you want to choose frame rate over visuals, you can if you want.

As you know, The Division has great graphical visuals like the frozen streets of New York city, snow and especially its weather effect which is simply awesome. Back this week, there’s a time lapse video of The Division shoot by a guy pseudonym, WOLFBOY, which demonstrates the game’s great weather effects. You can check that video below:

As such type of graphics causes loads on consoles’ CPU , and hence keeping with that the frame rates on the consoles were kept locked at 30fps, which is far behind what PC offers, but this can be increase now by sacrificing some visual delights like lighting effects.

The developers were giving PC players a loads of customization in terms of graphics, considering PC as a separate platform for the game (Duh!!).

One good thing about The Division is we’ve always considered the PC as a separate platform. We do have to keep it in check with the consoles; it would be kind of unfair to push it so far away from them. But it’s been good having a dedicated PC build for this game. I’m really happy that we’re pushing the PC build as much as we are; there’s a lot more customized options than the console.

Console games didn’t have much of graphics settings to change, as all in the game runs at high settings. But in The Division‘s PC build you’ll be able to adjust settings like chromatic aberration, image sharpening and a slider to adjust anti-aliasing. Though the details on how much these setting can effect The Division‘s frame rate wasn’t stated, but one thing for sure, the console gamers won’t leave that option on by default(if they are hungry for better frame rates). Still don’t expect 60fps just by tweaking those settings, its kinda daydreaming.

Now the stages were set for March 8, 2016 when The Division finally hit its release for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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