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Disney Dreamlight Valley Preview (Nintendo Switch):: Potential GOTY

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Dark Light

Disney Dreamlight Valley is finally available to fans all across the world, on a multitude of platforms to play. Best part? You can cloud save to transfer your progress between these platforms on the go. Enter the magical realm of Dreamlight Valley and meet your favourite Disney Characters while you fight against a newly formed threat – The Forgotten.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Review

Developed by Gameloft, Disney Dreamlight Valley is available for the PC (Epic Games, Steam, Game Pass), PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and an upcoming iOS store listing. This allows many players to join in this magical realm which is filled with countless activities adding more life to its world with each increasing minute. Here is our Preview, since the official release is still long away till 2023. 

The Dreamlight Magic in Your Hand

Your character decides to leave the bustling life in the city behind, and begin a new journey back home in the countryside. Absorbing the childhood memories you fall asleep and wake up in the Magical Dreamlight Valley. Home to the entire Disney characters at one place where everyone lived with joy, peace and harmony. They even had a ruler who looked after the entire valley. But mysterious darkness fell over the land.

The sky was covered with thick clouds, entrance and exits were blocked and the entire ground was corrupted with spiked vines, the night thorns. This curse is known as – The Forgetting. And as the name suggests, it erased the memory of the people living in the valley. No one knows where the corruption came from, or even if they did, they cannot recall it anymore.

This is where you come. Summoning graciously into the valley, your first meet the wizard – Merlin. Being new to the valley, Merlin first introduces you and welcomes you to the village. Making sure you have a place to stay, Merlin takes you to an abandoned house that you can claim.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Review

However, the entrance is blocked by the night thorn. This is where a shocking discovery takes place. You possess the magic that cleans the world clean of night thorns, one at a time. And Voila! this is your way into your home-sweet-home. 

Merlin then makes an important point. Since you are the only one who possesses the pure dreamlight magic to clean the world of this curse, you might be the chosen one to fulfil a destiny. All the other Disney characters went back to their realms to protect themselves from The Forgetting. And it is your duty to cleanse the world of the forgetting and bring the village back to its former glory. 

Let’s Go Gardening! But with Mickey Mouse or WALL-E?

Disney Dreamlight Valley at its core is truly a sandbox game that lets you progressively bring more characters that add life to your village which is completely customizable. You decide if your home is right next to the palace, or next to your favourite Disney princess. Personally, I like to move my house near the beach, add a bench outside my house and invite Mickey Mouse. And once the scene is set, I talk about my childhood memories to him.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Review

The game offers no combat at all. This allows the game to be played by everyone, including people of every age. The game has many core activities instead. While exploring and customizing are at the heart of it, you will spend most your of your time – Gardening, Mining, Watering and Fishing. Gardening and fishing allow you to facilitate an important aspect of the game – Cooking. Cooking requires resources that you can gather either by farming or by fishing. 

The progression system of the game is powered by Dreamlight. Consider Dreamlight a currency that you can get by doing daily quests. These daily quests will include day-to-day activities, which include ‘feeding the squirrels’, ‘talking to merlin’, ‘planting vegetables and much more. Each activity will separately award you dreamlight. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Review

After you’ve collected a bunch of moonlight, this is the time when you either chose to unlock portals to different realms or bring back princesses and characters. Or, you can even expand your village and unlock different areas that you can explore. Interestingly, you might even encounter vicious villains! But hey, your charming personality will allow you to befriend them. And everyone lived happily afterwards!


Disney Dreamlight Valley is a beautiful magical world, with even more magical characters. Everyone that you come across will only bring nostalgic memories. In other games, you build a relationship with NPCs that you don’t know. But in dreamlight valley, you make friends with characters that were always your best friends. 


A world filled with immense lore allows you to explore endlessly. And hey, since the game is in early access, it’s only going to grow more! Oh and we almost to forgot to mention! Your crib? You can 100% customize and expand it. Add a gaming room or a big kitchen with a TV, it’s your wish. Will Dreamlight Valley make things hard for Animal Crossing? Let’s see how things turn out!

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an open-world RPG, that allows you to explore and fight against a curse in the magical valley. Meet your favourite characters, hang out with your favourite princesses, take selfies with Elsa and Cook with Ratatouille. In short, do anything you wish, while you progress and expand in the story. The game already has so much to do, we wonder how great will it turn out during the official release. The game is truly one for the books! 


Final Rating: Essential

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