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So I was operating my PC and suddenly all my Internet using applications became slowed down. I opened the task manager to see what was using up my internet (Since I am the only heavy user of Internet at my home) and noticed that Steam was using up most of the badwidth. I didn’t initially notice this because Steam was not in the taskbar and was in the background processes.

It seems that Deus Ex Mankind Divided is getting a new patch which is considerably big standing at 2.5 GB and no news about it on the internet. I tried searching for it on the internet with no yields. I am not sure what this patch is about. I hope that these are performance patches because 60 fps on a GTX 1070 for such a game is a bit too less. Other than that it could be some DLC maybe? I am not sure.

But we will keep you updated as and when we come to know the contents of the patch, so stay tuned.

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