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Most gamers know Nvidia as the name behind Graphic Cards. Some of them might also know them as the company who built the handheld Shield. But being Nvidia also means being the bleeding edge of technology, which means they work on super secret stuff. In extension of that Nvidia has tied up with 2 IIT from India.

NVIDIA, the AI computing company, today announced a collaboration with IIT-Guwahati (IIT-G) and IIT-Roorkee (IIT-R) to develop skills in high performance computing (HPC) programming and deep learning. With this collaboration, IIT-G and IIT-R aim to train over 250 students in the next year through workshops and sessions to develop skills in deep learning and CUDA, the parallel computing programming model.

Machine learning and deep learning have become today’s most transformative technologies, creating a significant impact in every industry. Under the Electronics & ICT Academy program, sponsored by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, IIT-G and IIT-R plan to set up a training academy to develop skillsets in fundamental and advanced aspects of AI to bridge the gap between academia and industry. As a deep learning pioneer, NVIDIA is an ideal choice for the institutions to partner with this program.

To stay ahead in this competitive environment, it is important for faculty and students to upgrade their skills and meet the needs of industry. We recently launched the Deep Learning Institute in India, training over 400 developers in the latest deep learning techniques. Our work with IIT-G and IIT-R is an effort to develop the nation’s skill requirements to meet the fast-moving needs of industry and research organizations. With this collaboration, we hope to advance the country’s research across a range of scientific and engineering fields,”

-Vishal Dhupar, Managing Director, NVIDIA – South Asia.

Both institutes will also be setting up a deep learning training lab infrastructure to give participants hands-on training. The academy is also open for entrepreneurs and developer training needs.

Its not foolhardy or far fetched to think how this may overflow into the video gaming domain. Plus it opens doors for the tech inclined enterprenaurs in India to got the Nvidia route and contribute more heavily.

We at IndianNoob, heartily wlecome this new collaboration between one of the leading tech giants and some of the most premier institutes in our country, which will no doubt yield amazing results in the future.


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