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Defiance the third person shooter RPG which interestingly ties up with the TV show of the same name, is now free to play on the Xbox 360.

Released last year on consoles and PC, Defiance is set in a world where humans and alien co-exist on a planet which has been scarred by the wars between them. The game ties up neatly into the show on SyFy with characters from the show and the game appearing in each other. The game acts as the background and the lore for the more channeled story of the TV Show.

Defiance is a good MMO if not a great one. Its not say a World Of Warcraft but its side missions, dynamic boss fights and even PvP shootouts are really fun.Initially the game was semi-free, but it has now joined the long list of MMOs that have become free to play, with some content locked behind payments.

As of this week, the Xbox 360 version of Defiance is completely free-to-play, meaning anyone with an Xbox Live Gold account can simply download the game and start adventuring. There’s an “Aftermath” update due out next week, meaning players will have time to catch up on the latest content before finding out what happens in the Bay area following the conclusion of the TV show’s second season.

So if you have an Xbox 360 and a robust internet connection, I would recommend you try out Defiance as soon as possible.

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