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Deep Silver today announces a partnership with the world’s largest online art community, DeviantArt, that will give gaming and art fans a window into the private world of the Agents of Mayhem.

Deep Silver has commissioned 12 popular artists from DeviantArt to create candid portraits of each of the Agents enjoying their time away from saving Seoul in the battle with Dr Babylon and LEGION. These stunning reimaginings of each Agent of Mayhem will be released on an exclusive DeviantArt hub for the next 24 days. On alternate days, fans will get the opportunity to take a closer look at each of the deviant artists.

Each artist has captured the essence of the Agents’ private lives; some relax by honing their skills while others have more unexpected pastimes.

The artists will be revealing their work on the following dates:

July 24 syncmax
July 26 GUWEIZ
July 28 Claparo-Sans
July 30 elsevilla
August 1 larienne
August 3 TamberElla
August 5 CGlas
August 7 NanFe
August 9 Valentina-Remenar
August 11 Table-Taffy-Studios
August 13 GENZOMAN
August 15 MartaNael

Available today on deviantart.com/agentsofmayhem

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