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Developer Arkane Studios showed off a chunk of tantalizing gameplay from their upcoming first person action-adventure game Deathloop at the PlayStation 5 showcase. The game pairs a stylized and distinctive visual style with a unique timeloop mechanic, and forces you, as protagonist Colt, to relive the events at the island of Blackreef island over and over again, Groundhog style. Armed with an arsenal of devastating weapons, and supernatural abilities reminiscent of Dishonored, you are tasked with murdering eight Visionaries who are responsible for the loop going on. In this new trailer, we see a way where you can kill two Visionaries – Aleksis and Egor, at the same place and the same time, hence the name Two Birds One Stone. You get only one day, before the loop resets – so you have to use your time judiciously in the race to break the loop. The more knowledge you gather about the enemies, their patterns, the locations and its secrets, the better you play the game!

The game boasts of both singleplayer and multiplayer. In the multiplayer, another person can join your game as an adversary named Julia whose only mission would be to stop you. Deathloop releases in the Q2 2021 window, and is targeting a 4K/60 fps at launch. Want to know more? Check out the PlayStation 5 blog for a detailed description of the game.

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