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THQ Nordiq and Airship Syndicate will finally be releasing the latest chapter in Darksider’s saga, Darksiders Genesis onto consoles. The game will be releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch on Valentine’s Day (14th Feb) 2020. Darksiders Genesis is already available on PC and Stadia.

In Darksiders Genesis, STRIFE can battle alongside his brother and fellow horseman WAR in the first-ever Darksiders’ two-player co-op mode. Solo players will be able to alternate between STRIFE and WAR on the fly, taking advantage of STRIFE’s ranged and WAR’s melee style attacks. In addition, gameplay includes combat atop both horsemen’s fabled steeds: RAMPAGE and MAYHEM. Darksiders Genesis also features the introduction of Creature Cores, a combat system that empowers players to customize their own upgrade system fueled by the enemies they defeat. #togetherthroughhell #GunsNHorses #notalone

In our review of Darksiders Genesis on the PC, we thought that the game “… is a great spin-off from its mainstream hack ‘n’ slash brethren, borrowing many things from Diablo except for its tedious grinding”. 

Are you excited to finally play Darksiders Genesis on the console of your choice? Let us know in the comments.

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