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Developer Insomniac Games has revealed that the PS4 Excusive, Spider-Man will be released on September 7 2018.

The upcoming superhero action game, announced at E3 2016, is highly anticipated a PlayStation 4 exclusive set in an open-world New York City. You’ll play as everyone’s friendly neighborhood webslinger, busting criminals and battling classic Spidey villains.

Spiderman PS4 comes out in three forms: standard ($60), digital deluxe ($80) and collector’s edition ($150). The digital deluxe and collector’s edition are identical in terms of bonus features, aside from the collector’s edition coming with an art book, a steelbook case, the game on a Blu-ray and a pretty cool statue.

Sony has uploaded a brand-new video featuring snippets from the game in occasion of the release date reveal. Watch the trailer below.

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