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E-Sports ha been on the rise for quite some years now in India and is already an established sport on foreign soils, going as far as being considered as an Olympic Sport. And it is only fair that India will try to compete at the international level for glory, and try to bag some prizes. In the past few years we have seen teams like Brutality and Overcome, enter the ring and rise to fame as some of India’s best E-sports teams. Enter Dare2Dream, an initiative Muhammad Roshan Sn and Amol Bharti, to push the Indian E-Sports sector further ahead.

Muhammad Roshan

15055691_1128008720650787_1326946085036726669_n My name is Muhammad Roshan Sn and I am the Director of ARG eSports Pvt Ltd and also the Owner of Dare2Dream. Since my Dad was in Indian Army i had the privelgge to grow up across India in my childhood and thanks to that i get to easliy get along with different gamers across india. Life was simple in my childhood. School, Friends and Unlimited Fun. My brother is my role model and he was the one who introduced me to gaming and as i grew older with the support from My Parents, brother and My Girlfriend i believe I have come a long way ahead and learnt a lot and want to grow and learn every day.

Amol Bharti

15057933_10211377261895633_1294616474_n My name is Amol Bharti and I am the Dorector of Drag2Death and also the Owner of Dare2Dream. My journey to this point has been rough, educational and inspirational aswell. I today am humbled to be a part of these titles. My job has always given me privilge to interact with gamers and constantly help me grow my company. And ofcourse, there are a lot of people that have contributed to my journey and the speical ones are my parents, my wife and my daughter and my team, Cheers to them!

Dare2Dream is one of India’s first organisation consisting of multiple teams playing different games and is similar in nature to some of the bigger international organizations such as Fnatic and Team EnVyUs. The various games played by the teams are- CSGO, DOTA 2, Piercing Blow and FIFA. The teams are being sponsored by- ARG Lounge, Drag2Death and Fashion Title for now. As for the teams for the respective sports, here is a list:


Team Manager: Jaideep Sood


Bhavin ‘HellRanger’ Kotwani
Mohit ‘Spawn’ Wakle
Shailesh ‘Blackhawk’ Dalvi
Kavish ‘Kav1sh’ Chauhan
Sabyasachi ‘Antidote’ Bose
The team won this year’s ESL India CSGO championship, defeating tMg by a whopping 16-9 scoreline.


Team Manager : Muhammad Roshan Sn
Raghu ‘Dr@ke’ N (Captain)
Ashok ‘|2ampag3.ftw’ Kumar
Ajay ‘Symphony’ Chandra
Amith ‘Spookymonsta!’MR
Harsh ‘Ingenious Archmage’ Shah
The team performed well this year and was able to bag the runners up prize in IESC this year.

Piercing Blow

Team Manager : Muhammad Roshan Sn
Madhu “Archer” Gowda
Naman “Goku” Jain
Milan “ROOFIES”Jain
Jay “Broly” Jain
Mitesh “Moriaty” Jain
As for FIFA, Sudin Dinesh is representing Dare2Dream in all FIFA tournaments, who has also represented India in Singapore and also won this year’s FIFA tournament.
Dare2Dream, as an organization, have a huge ambition of representing India at the highest level of E-sports and go toe to toe with some of the biggest teams in E-sports right now, such as Fnatic, Cloud 9 etc and while it may seem like a daunting task at first, everything is achieved through hard work and persistence. And following their motto of:
 Our dreams are big, but we don’t let the wins get to our head and losses to our heart. We take small steps towards achieving our mission which helps us fight every obstacle in way of our Dream.
They are determined to achieve what they have set out to do. We wish them all the best for all their future endeavors and hope that they succeed.
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