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Sleep Tight Coming to Nintendo Switch in Europe and Australia this January

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Dark Light

Sleep Tight, the twin-stick, base-building shooter wrapped in blankets of nostalgia, will haunt the European and Australian Nintendo Switch eShops 24 Jan. 2019.

Created by We Are Fuzzy, a team of Hollywood film artists and AAA veterans, the development team features VFX artist Maxx Burman (Far CryTitanfall 2,Game of ThronesSea of Thieves), Disney character artist Dylan Ekren (Big Hero 6Wreck It RalphZootopia), and Ubisoft designer Oscar Mar (Far Cry 3,Splinter Cell: ConvictionRainbow Six Siege).

Revisit a shared childhood experience of constructing elaborate pillow forts during the day, but use them to defend kids’ bedroom after dark from the things that go bump in the night. With an arsenal of toy weaponry that spans everything from dart guns to water balloons, fight off the monsters until dawn to purchase new gear and upgrades to survive the nights to come.

Making it to morning may seem simple at first, but each new level brings a step up in difficulty. This encourages players to get creative and explore a range of strategies to achieve new high scores and unlock more characters, all of which come with their own distinctive play styles.

“Sleep Tight is rooted in a common childhood experience and we’ve seen it strike a nostalgic chord with players,” said Maxx Burman, creative director, We Are Fuzzy. “We are happy to share that feeling with the amazing Switch community in Europe.”

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