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Curio Productions has announced that its FMV horror game Daemon_9 has been released on Steam in accordance with the Halloween celebrations.  For this special Halloween launch, it is available to purchase at a 40% discount for the next 7 days. The game is made available on PC, Linux and Mac.

Daemon_9 is an indie game that combines the thrill of a found-footage horror movie with the mystery-solving challenge of games like Her Story. Players must solve a supernatural crime using only found images, information, and video footage, both within the game and out on the web — before they become the next victim.
This indie game is produced and developed by Jeffrey Jackson, a Los Angeles-based filmmaker with a diverse background in storytelling and web development. He wrote, directed, edited and programmed it all nearly single-handedly over the past several years.

Originally Daemon_9 was a purely web-based experience released in late 2017, where the game communicated with players with real SMS and E-mails. But with the Steam version, this functionality is integrated within the game itself.

“I’ve always been a guy who wears a lot of hats, so while it may not have been the most time-efficient way to create Daemon 9, I feel I know every inch of it intrinsically that allows me to make a richer, more tightly integrated story experience,” said Jeffrey Jackson, the founder of Curio Productions. Jeff describes approaching the creation Daemon 9 “as a filmmaker rather than a gamer, to keep it intrinsically rooted in the cinematic,” 

*   Solve the supernatural mystery that’s told full motion video (FMV) content.
*   Experience the story through found images, information and live-action video clips shot by an indie film director.
*   Realistic supernatural crime-solving experience*
*   Play under intense time pressure as you either save the girl or become the next victim.
*   Breath-taking scenes enhanced with high-end audio & visual effects.
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