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Become the eye in the sky, the invisible hand, the cyber ghost, you name it – but whatever you call it, look after your team over the net. Cyber Ops will launch on Steam on May 21st this year with a free prologue being now available for all stealth and hacking games’ fans.

The young nation of Baltia has earned its right to freedom after a long and painful war, but now the stakes are higher than ever before. A cybernetic threat becomes the challenge of our times. A call for arms for you means turning your computer on, going online, and starting your free hacking training in Cyber Ops: Prologue.

Download the Cyber Ops: Prologue from Steam, test your skills and then join the highly trained special ops unit by adding Cyber Ops to your wishlist

And those that like to go deep and beyond the press release are invited to learn all about the game’s world and characters straight from the horse’s mouth through an in-depth document prepared by the developers and available HERE.


Cyber Ops is a story-based tactical hacking game, told from the point of view of a mission control supervisor, operating from a distance. You are part of the Geist Division, a secret high-tech unit created by the government to protect the country from all kinds of next-gen threats. As the Operator, your mission is to provide remote support to a group of spec-ops agents deployed in urban terrains. You must control devices and systems with your deep hacking abilities and scan the environment to provide the safest routes for your squad.

The game is an innovative take on the stealth/hacking genre that explores the relationship between the operator and real people on the other end of the line through immersive narrative and challenging gameplay.


  • More than 6 hours of story missions full of cyberpunk themes, investigation, and political intrigue.
  • Real-time audio feedback from squad leaders brings life to the world of Cyber Ops.
  • Different hacking mechanics to maintain control of doors, security devices, and cyberlink-equipped brains.
  • Squad management. Recruit new blood for the infiltration squads.
  • Research and Development. Develop new cyber-implants to improve the agents’ performance.
  • Retro-futuristic computer interfaces and dark analog synth-based music inspired by 80’s cult movies.

Cyber Ops will launch on Steam on May 21st with the free prologue for the game available now.

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