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Loved Cuphead? Can’t get over the fact of how well designed, arduous and amusing the game was? Well, there is a good chance that you are going to see more Cuphead in the future!

Cuphead which was exclusively launched for both the PC and Microsoft XBOX was an instant hit, selling over one million copies worldwide. Often regarded as an equivalent of Dark Souls in difficulty, Cuphead has been one of the most interesting side scrolling run and gun experience for many people around the world. The question of whether or not this global sensation would reappear in the future is a widely debated subject on the internet. From what could be conclusively assessed, a success of such enormous scale closely followed by popularity and that too by a small company, is bound to give birth to sequels. But we can never be too sure about the intention of game developers.

So, are we going to see another Cuphead?

The answer to this very question was brought into light today. In an interview with IGN, the two brothers who own StudioMDHR confidently confessed that there will be another Cuphead game ‘at some point’ in the near future. When asked whether they have any plans about the future by the interviewer, Jared said that ever since the release of Cuphead, they have had ‘zero time to breathe or think’.

The confirmations, therefore, suggest that there will MOST DEFINITELY be another Cuphead game somewhere in the future and that StudioMDHR will certainly not abandon one of their most successful game and the golden opportunity of turning it into a franchise.

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