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Sailaway simulates world-wide ocean sailing and cruising. And since the earth is a very big place, crossing the Atlantic or Pacific may take you months. Of course we don’t expect you to sit behind your computer screen all that time. When you are not online, the boat will continue on it’s voyage and keep you posted of any changes.

You will need to raise sails, pull the winches, set reefs, adjust the sheets, outhaul, downhaul, traveler, vang, backstay, etc. Every control that is on a real sailboat is also present on your virtual sailboat in Sailaway.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TpVCAgLqVY]

New sailors can learn the basics, novice sailors can learn about sailtrim and experienced sailors can increase their skills.


You navigate on an interactive map that can zoom from world scale to small coves, displaying deep and shallow area’s, rocks, buoys, lights and everything you need for a safe journey.

Our ancestors navigated by the stars. This is why we made sure the positions of the sun, moon, planets and stars are all correct. There is even a handy feature that highlights the constellations. But this is Sailaway, everything is a realistic as possible, so if the sky happens to be cloudy, there will be nothing to see but blackness. The clouds, wind, fog, rain and snow are all simulated according to the real weather as provided by NOAA.

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