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Everdream Valley is a unique title that mixes adventure, RPG and sim into a one, unforgettable experience

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VARSAV Game Studios releases the first trailer for their newly announced upcoming game that’s being developed by Mooneaters – Everdream Valley. Get ready for an amazing summer adventure!

What could be more fun than a summer with your grandparents in the countryside? When the sun shyly looks over the horizon, and a rooster crows cock-a-doodle-doo, another busy day starts on the farm! Ever since your grandparents appointed you Junior Farmer, your responsibilities include tending the flower beds, feeding the animals and, of course, managing!

A Junior Farmer! Doesn’t that sound important? Or, at the least, it’s definitely something that should be treated very seriously. In the end, there’s a ton of work to be done when you’re living on a farm. There are sheep to herd (though for some funny reason they sometimes try to herd you), your very own vegetable patch to take care of, and your very first and very own treehouse to build. Sometimes, there are even real dangers to face, like defending the farm inhabitants from wolfpacks! For these challenges, you’ll need a faithful companion at your side. One that’s a bit more useful than an old, outspoken scarecrow saying some preeeetty crazy stuff about the farm and its surroundings. Well, there’s one thing you can be sure of – this will be the most peculiar summer holiday ever!


Everdream Valley is a unique experience that mixes adventure with RPG and sim elements. If you dream of a life in the countryside and a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, if you want to recall the holiday time you’ve spent with your grandparents or simply try your luck as a Junior Farmer, this game is for you. In Everdream Valley you will get the chance to direct the actions of an 11-year-old boy spending his summer holiday at his grandparents’ farm. By day, the Junior Farmer will have to help his guardians run the farm. This means taking care of your very own vegetable patch. Searching for parasites destroying crops, holes in the fence or broken agricultural tools, and reporting all issues to grandparents.

It’s also very important to make friends with the farm’s long-time resident, The Cat, so he starts hunting pests or chasing away the birds that feed on the fruits and grain. All while not forgetting to train The Dog that accompanies you to live in the country, herd the sheep or scare away wolfpacks threatening the farm. By night, however, you will experience some fantastic dreams featuring original, animal-related minigames. And if successful in all challengers, you will be awarded with the materials, equipment, and furnishings needed to build your very own treehouse!


  • Experience an amazing farming adventure. Spend your dream summer holiday on a farm taking care of the animals and plants, but also fishing, going on a wild butterfly safari, or even protecting the farm’s inhabitants from wolves.
  • Train your dog and the farm’s cat, teaching them obedience. A well-trained dog can help you with herding the sheep or scaring the wolves away. Having the cat on your side will make him hunt mice or signal animals that are ill. Fail, however, and both will make your life miserable by ruining the flower beds, eating the livestock’s food, or ruining the farm tools.
  • Build your dream treehouse! Complete story missions to gain materials or in-game currency that will allow you to buy furnishings or decor and make the treehouse you always wanted to have.
  • Customize the looks of the main protagonist and his companions. Use the character editor to make sure the looks of the boy, cat, and dog are in line with your likings.
  • Enjoy great minigames. Hear animal voices or even become an animal. A wolf howling to the moon? Anything is possible in a dream!
  • See the world from another perspective. Play not only as a boy but also as either the cat or the dog completing quest typical for them. Lap up some delicious cream, steal grandpa’s favorite carpet slippers, and take a break from the serious farm work.
  • Complete special missions assigned to you by a very special… person? Everdream Valley is a one-of-a-kind farm with a one-of-a-kind scarecrow. One that’s not only able to talk, but most importantly, able to share tips with you about unique and very mysterious quests.

Everdream Valley is currently under development on PC.

More details about the game can be found on Steam.

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