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With the development of the squad-based multiplayer shooter Enlisted in full swing, developer Darkflow Software invites all players to participate in the open testing of the company’s newest title – the all-kitchen-warfare MMO shooter Cuisine Royale. With a clear focus on satiating the tastes of the player community, the new title combines only the latest flavors of the gaming industry. Players will clash with each other in the trendy “Battle Royale” deathmatch mode, primarily fighting with an arsenal of kitchen utensils not limited to the ever so popular frying pan. Access to new in-game equipment is regulated almost entirely through Loot Boxes, but in Cuisine Royale they are not only free with their content known in advance, but also come with a 100% guaranteed drop chance on the labelled content.

Dinnerware and kitchen utensils, which have been long overlooked in terms of their combat capabilities in other games, will finally be able to show off their true potential in Cuisine Royale. Players can use a colander as head protection, equip a wok pot as a formidable breastplate, or strap on a massive waffle maker to be protected even against the largest calibers of weapons. Some of the items found in game can be used both in defense and offense, like the versatile pancake pan that can shield against incoming bullets as good as it can slice enemy players.

Of course, besides the impressive arsenal of kitchen utensils, players can also use traditional Battle Royale equipment, such as firearms, backpacks and more. To get them during the match, the most honest system of Loot Boxes in the history of computer games comes into full play. Those are scattered around the battlefield, are free to open, their content is well labelled, and the drop chance of what is said to be inside is a guaranteed 100%. Besides equipment, players can scavenge the battlefield for a juicy steak or delicious bread bun, to restore any lost blood or replenish their energy. With some of the items found in a match, players will furthermore be able to significantly improve the abilities of their characters. Strapping on a medical dropper, for example, will provide the player with accelerated health regeneration, a set of glasses will increase weapon accuracy and chewing on a cigar will turn the player into a real Tough Guy able to withstand twice the amount of physical punishment!

30 players per session in total will head out from different parts of the map, starting only in their underwear and making their way to the center of a battlefield that is constantly shrinking in size. The main battle will take place at the end of the match, where only the best survivors face off against each other using the most powerful equipment they were able to gather.

The first test of Cuisine Royale will begin on April 1st from 00:01 am Kamchatka time (UTC +12) and last until 11:59 pm Hawaiian time (UTC -11). To participate, players simply need to apply for the Alpha Test of Enlisted and download the game here: http://enlisted.net/en/news/show/17/current/

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