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Monolith’s espionage FPS No One Lives Forever and its sequel A Spy in H.A.R.M.’s Way are beloved cult classics that fans hope to see make a return some day. The awesome adventures of super-spy Cate Archer, with her crafty gadgets and an excellent writing puts many of the James Bond adaptations to shame, and despite some compatibility issues, still holds up to-date.

Nightdive Studios, renowned for their tendency to ‘revive’ classic PC games has been chasing after the opportunity to bring No One Lives Forever and its sequel to modern standards for quite a while now. But wrestling for disputed IPs and publishing rights is no easy feat, and Nightdive was reported to have given up trying to acquire the license a while back.

In Nightdives words, “We’re talking about a contract in a box someplace. The image I get is the end of Indiana Jones… somewhere in a box, maybe in the bowels of Activision, maybe it was shipped off to Iron Mountain or somewhere. And they confessed, they didn’t have [their] hands on it. And they weren’t sure that they even had any of those rights?”

However, all hope is not lost. Noclips’ Youtube video titled GOG: Preserving Gaming’s Past & Future teased that progress has been made with No One Lives Forever.

What makes the tease a little more interesting is a reply to a question asking if NOLF would make its way to the service.

The wry smile emoticon comes from Stephen Kick, the CEO and co-founder of Night Dive Studios. Maybe they finally found the legal contract in one of the dusty boxes in a basement somewhere, or maybe made a deal with the Devil to bring Cate Archer back. All hope is not lost.

Credit: Critical Hit

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