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Today, Valve released a small update for CS:GO which adds certain changes and fixes some of the more hated glitches in the game. The patch notes are given below:

[MISC] – Fixed quad surround sound so it works again.
– Fixed a bug that could cause looping sounds, such as the hostage breathing sound, to be stuck on in some situations.
– Fixed a rare bug that caused spectators to sometimes hear water footsteps coming from players on dry ground.
– CS:GO items received in trade cannot be re-traded for seven days.

[SDK] – Added support for uniform scale adjustment of static prop models.
— To re-size static props, adjust the “uniform scale override” prop_static Hammer property, or use shift+mousewheel in the Hammer 3d viewport.

[MAPS] Nuke:
– Moved squeaky door back a bit, to give a clearer view towards hut
– Changed geometry near crane when on rafters, to remove awkward position
– Smoothed out movement on roof near T spawn
– Changed color of new boxes in bombsite B
– Changed color of small red box at T side of yard
– Added some cover at back of squeaky door hall

Dust II:
– Removed one-way wallbang from CT spawn up to cat
– Fixed some minor bugs
– Fix for mip bias exploit

– Opened up B lobby to stairs
– Simplified geometry around B site for better movement
– Blocked “invisible” area at A
– Fixed several “pixelwalking” exploits
– Fixed various minor bugs

Even the remaster of the decade old map Dust II received a patch which removed the one-way wall bang from CT to cat. As for Canals, which is a rather new addition to the game, has seen minor restructures. Nuke which came out as a disaster and had to be completely overhauled was also majorly tweaked in this and the preceding updates. But alongside these updates, Valve decided to add a much more serious change which has now become the cause célèbre.

Contrary to the previous system which blocked trade due to absence of authenticator, this update seeks to implement a new feature which, by the system itself would block any tradable in-game items  from being traded for a maximum of 7 days after the conclusion of a successful trade, disregarding the status of the user’s steam authenticator.

This has led to an uproar in the community and among traders and gamblers who have protested against this change.

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