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Valve’s premiere online FPS shooter Counter Strike:Global Offensive reached a all time high of 500,000 average players playing concurrently this month. The rapid surge in the users can be seen after the launch of Operation Shattered Web on November 18th. This comes as a welcoming news for the franchise as it was seen in a rapid decline since last three years against the rise of Battle Royale Styled Games like Fortnite ,PUBG,and Apex Legends.

The franchise was at 410k average player count last year in October . The game has recorded 817,229 peak concurrent players in the last 30 days which is also the second-highest peak player count in the history of the game. The year started off very well for the franchise with this increase in players and beats the trend of downfall like many of its contemporary games(DOTA and Team Fortress 2) are facing even with new updates and content being added to them on regular basis.

All in all being a veteran CS:GO player and a gamer who was introduced to online competitive gaming by its predecessor Counter Strike this news brings both joy and hope that in today’s Fortnite dancing and PUBG pan hitting fiestas some old school Rushing to B still is source of fun to fellow gamers around the globe and is being embraced by the new generation gamers making it a relevant force in gaming industry even today.


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