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In a recently released video by Ubisoft, the community developer of Ivory Tower, Soufyane Brahimi revealed that The Crew is going free to play on Ubisoft’s 30th Anniversary.

The game will be free from 14th September and will be available through the Ubisoft Club. This free version will also include of the content that has been added to the game till now.

The video can be found on their official facebook page which you can see here.

The Crew will be available for download on Ubi 30 website on September 14.

Also their latest expansion ‘Calling All Units’, which is a police themed experience will be available to all players starting November 29th.

Well this is good news to all PC gamers who haven’t bought the game, but may also create a backlash among players who paid full price for the game. Another point worth taking note of will be that, does it mean that the console versions will follow suit? But what do you guys think about The Crew going F2P on the PC. Will you pick this game up now that it is free to play? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: According to the video the game was going free to play after 14th September and nothing was mentioned about it being available for one month. To clarify, it will be free for one month and if you get it within the month, it’ll be yours forever. This is a part of Ubisoft’s 30th Anniversary giveaway scheme (Or whatever t is). BUT THE GAME WILL BE FREE FOR ONE MONTH AND ONCE YOU PICK IT UP, IT’LL BE YOURS FOREVER.

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