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Counter Strike : Global Offensive Gets New Official Map

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Valve might have killed the Counter Strike : Global Offensive scene by not fixing the VAC system to get rid of the increasing waves of cheaters in the game, but the community remains loyal to it. One of the most famous map creators, Shawn “FMPOne” Snelling, is back in the game with a new map, which may serve as a reminder to Valve that people have not given up on the game yet.

FMPOne is a map creator famed for the creation of Cache, and other smaller maps like Santorini and Season. He had unveiled a new map called Sub Zero, which is set in the Arctic region. The map is a hidden naval base, which the Arctic Avengers seek to destroy. Yes, the Arctic Avengers are back!

It is a bomb defusal map, where the terrorists have to plant the bomb and hold it till it explodes, and where the counter-terrorists have to defuse the bomb, or kill all the terrorists before they plant the bomb.

If this gets added to the official map pool for play, it’s definitely worth a few tries, before we all go back to playing Dust 2 like the conditioned lab rats we have become.

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