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Counter Strike Global Offensive Brings About Economy Changes ; Changes the Way Certain Guns Work

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Counter Strike : Global Offensive has got a new update, which addresses certain vital problems with the economy, besides changing the way certain guns behave.

                                                                                                               An adjustment has been made to the economy to reduce the impact of pistol round on the wins in subsequent rounds. In competitive, consecutive losses don’t reward the same $1900 for the loss any more. For every loss, the amount increases by $500. In other words, the first loss awards $1900, the second loss $2400 and so on. This economy restructure dramatically reduces the pressure on players to perform during economy rounds, as they know they can always force buy the next round and make an attempt at winning the round. This completely changes the competitive scene, and is bound to have far fetching effects on all professional matches.

                                                                   A few guns have also been reworked. The CZ75 Auto has been nerfed to promote tapping rather than spraying, as its recoil recovery has been increased, with its recoil and fire inaccuracy also being increased. The Tec 9 sees an increase in recoil recovery and also a reduction in the fire inaccuracy. These changes have apparently been done to make the pistols competitive at medium and long range. The SG553 and the AUG have also reduced in price to make them as viable choices as rifles.

                                                                                                                           A few changes to the maps have also been seen. Austria has been added to the competitive matchmaking queue, while Canals have been removed from the competitive matchmaking queue. Shipped and Insertion have also been removed from official matchmaking. Two new maps, Biome and Subzero, have been added to the casual match matchmaking queue as well.

      This update does bring about a landmark change to the game’s mechanics, as well as certain other token changes to help provide a change in the gameplay, after a long while.

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