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Remember those days when you and your best buddy or brother used to play games on the same screen trying to beat each other out or feeling mighty each time you guys completed a particularly tough level together. Those were really fun times. But today gaming has become a very private hobby. Today everyone has a console/PC and very rarely do games actually focus on co-op, let alone couch co-op.


Nowadays most games are focused on either single player campaigns or online multiplayer. Only some fighting games and sports games involve something close to what we would call reminiscences of couch gaming. Games like Destiny which are made better with friends/team supports just 1 player per console. Street Fighter 5 doesn’t have the Arcade mode included, and even games like HALO are moving away from split-screen co-op.So in times like these we need to ask the big question:


The answer is simple-

Because it’s Awesome.

The best aspect about playing a game in the same place is that your skill in a game grows much faster. “Let’s try this!! Let me experiment this on you!”, was one of the most common dialogues; we were on both sides of. This way experiments were done, new mechanics were discovered and hilarious bugs were revealed. I’m not saying that this is not possible in online gaming. But swearing to a DongKing99 over voice chat in Destiny, is not the same as choking your best buddy sitting next to you, when he hits you with a Blue Star in Mario Kart.


Couch gaming made the place where it was happening, a playground, even better an arena. Meaning, all of us used to gather in that one guy’s house who had the console and others brought their games. We used to have a fun time. We got something served to us to eat by our friend’s mom and at that time, every mom in the colony knew where their kid was. And had couch gaming been active today, we wouldn’t get to hear, “Go play outside with your friends”.


Another great aspect about couch gaming is the memories. Remember that one time when you went on a penta-kill in LOL; sure you do but the time when you put your best friend through a table in ‘Here Come The Pain’ is way more awesome and remarkable and memorable. The excitement of couch gaming has forged strong friendships (or broken them in the case of Mario Kart), has brought a smile to many faces, has served as a mood relaxer and much more. We think that the world would be better off if couch gaming was more prevalent.

Finally, couch co-op is perhaps the biggest test of your skill. With no lag, drop-outs or any other internet excuse to hide behind, the result of a contest came down to Skill, or very very high amount of luck (and chaos ensued). Awesome plays were cheered on and underhanded tactics were booed upon in seconds. Instead of looking for 4 random people who suit your fighting style in DOTA, you just needed to trust your brother’s range attacks while you went bat-shit crazy with your melee. Couch co-op brought out the best in you, unlike multiplayers which tend to do the opposite.


What do you think about couch gaming? Would you like to visit the olden days or are you over that period of time or do you think that all this is a waste? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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