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The official announcement for the new DLC promised at E3, where Funcom promised to add more free content to the game to appease the PC players, besides releasing it for the Xbox One later this year (the Xbox One will also get the free content later in an update exclusively for the Xbox One edition of the game). The promise was to add a new play field for players to enjoy in. The scorching heat of the south stands out in contrast to the frozen north, where one struggles to find shelter from cold. Appears the snow biome might be reality soon.

Funcom have started teasing the new DLC that adds the snow biome to the game. Snow naturally means woolen cloth, and survival options including finding warmth (in place of water in the desert biome) and naturally a different category of creatures than what you found in the scorching desert that served as the base biome of the game. The announcement also states that the DLC will be 100% free for anyone that has the base version of the game.

Anyone else excited for this?


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