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PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS’s latest map, Codename “Savage”, will return to the Test Servers soon, with improved textures, for people to have another bout at fighting down to the last man in a new map. Especially since the map selector is out on both the test servers as well as the official servers.

Promising new details about the map suggest that it was made based on the islands found in Southeast Asia, including the ones found in Thailand and in the Philippines. The map is called “Sanhok”, which is the Thai word for “fun”, further suggesting the strong Southeast Asian influence over the dev team while designing the map.

THURS May 10, 7pm PDT / FRI May 11, 4am CEST / May 11, 11am KST

MON May 14, 4am PDT / May 14, 1pm CEST / May 14, 8pm KST

The full map is also expected to be in the official servers for playing in a couple of months.

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