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CES is going on and with an overhaul of all kinds of tech news there are only a handful of companies we gamers have interest in. Among them, Nvidia and AMD seem to occupy the top most spot due to obvious reasons.

This is concerning the red team of course and seems to come from some German site who were present at CES. According to them, Doom was running at 4K @ Ultra Preset, 60 fps on a Ryzen CPU and Vega GPU and used an API called AMD Volcano. This is the situation without any optimizations and is still able to play catch up with the GTX 1080, which is Nvidia’s second most powerful single consumer GPU. The GPU had 8 GB of on-board memory and featured HBM2 type memory.

As for the CPU, in December 2016, at the reveal of AMD Ryzen there were some speculations about the CPU frequencies and recently there was a rumor going around that Ryzen could overclock to 5 GHz on just air cooling, but from a hands on experience of engineering samples, it seems that most models could reach more than 3.4 GHz. Please note that these are early engineering samples and there will be changes in the final product.

However there was one sample which showed a clock frequency of 3.6 GHz according to the device manager of the PC. Of course this is all pre release information, so take all this data with a grain of salt.

Source: Here.

We’ll come to know more once these CPUs start rounding about in the press and benchmarks are released. Till then hold on to the seats and let us know in the comments below on what you think about Ryzen as well as Vega.

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