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The steam launch of the classic JRPG Chrono Trigger was met with a mixed reception. Chrono Trigger was plagued by visual glitches and terrible graphics choices. But Square Enix seems intend on pleasing their PC customers by continuing the post-launch support for the game.

Square Enix has released the fourth PC patch for Chrono Trigger. According to the release notes, this patch comes with additional UI menu changes, as well as other adjustments and revisions.

Here is the complete changelog:

  • Changes to the menu UI
    1. Changed the user interface (operation method and screen layout) of the following screens to make it more comfortable to play with controller or keyboard.
    2. Menu screen
    3. Title screen (including title menu)
    4. You can select interface either “gamepad/keyboard” or “touch panel/mouse” from “settings” in the menu.
    5. Title screen is the same regardless of your settings.
    6. The UI updates they first outlined in patch #2 are now complete as of this patch. However, the team will continue to keep adjusting the UI where necessary.
  • Other adjustments and revisions
    1. In the settings menu, “Movement” has been removed, based on UI changes.
    2. Small bugs are fixed

The ability to rebind buttons for controllers, keyboard and mouse has unfortunately been delayed and will instead be added in patch #5, which is due to be released in late July.

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