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The strategy-packed collectible card game (CCG) Causa, Voices of The Dusk by the Chilean developer studio Niebla Games is now available on Steam Early Access, in English, Spanish, and Chinese. It’s free to play and it delivers deep strategic gameplay with a whole bunch of new ideas and an inspiring narrative universe.

Watch the launch trailer below:

Causa, Voices of the Dusk is an intriguing collectible card game in which your decisions will change the course of the game. Sacrifice cards to raise your Cause, and bring them back later to achieve the most strategic plays. Prove your abilities battling other players, and draft your way to Victory in extremely challenging campaigns.

Main Features

  • Unique tactical gameplay with complex strategic options:

    – Sacrifice cards from your hand or your board to build up your resources

    – Play up to two cards per turn

    – Bring sacrificed cards back to the game for the most unexpected critical plays

    – Full replenishment of your 4-card hand at the beginning of your turn

    – Take advantage of special effects that allow you to draw, sacrifice, play and bring additional cards back to the game

    – ‘Leader’s Decisions’: use each Leader’s unique set of powerful skill to change the course of the game

    – And more

  • Multiple paths to victory.
  • Choose between multiple powers, factions and Leaders.
  • Prove your abilities and win rewards in extremely challenging single-player draft campaigns.
  • Original and exotic fantasy world with rich narrative experience.
  • Cross-platform play (PC, Consoles, and Mobile).

With versions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One as well as for mobile to be released later in 2020, players will be able to play across all available platforms.


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