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This past weekend Raw Fury has dropped a ton of new content from their catalog for you to check out! To make it easier on everyone’s tired 2020 bods, we’ve compiled them into one place to watch!

IGN featured a brand new trailer from Per Aspera that tells the tale of the many resources and tasks you’ll need to perform to turn Mars into a home fit for human life, NBD.*

*And when we say NBD, we actually mean it’s a huge deal as you’ll need to get the ENTIRETY of Mars ready to inhabit! Forget city-building, we’re taking on an entire planet!

Release date: Q4 2020
Genre: Strategy, Simulation, Sci-fi
Platforms: Windows PC
Developers: Tlön Industries
Read more: https://rawfury.com/portfolio/per-aspera/

GONNER2 was featured on IGN’s Gamescom stream, did you happen to catch the mayhem? If not, head to the video above to catch over 10-minutes of the absolute chaos that is Art in Heart’s upcoming sequel to their original game, GoNNER! Just in case you lose your head over how good it looks, don’t worry, we’ve got some spares set aside!

Release: Q4 2020
Genre: Action, roguelike, platformer
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch
Developers: Art in Heart
Read more: https://rawfury.com/portfolio/gonner-2/

The Future Gaming showcase featured not one, but two Raw Fury titles! Catch Tatiana Delgado from Out of the Blue as she takes you on a tour of the lush island featured in Call of the Sea! What mysteries will Nora unveil during her search for her missing husband, and what toll will it take on her as she explores the verdant island of his disappearance? Only one way to find out — check out Call of the Sea when it launches later this year!

Release: Q4 2020
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Platforms: Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC
Developers: Out of the Blue
Read more: https://rawfury.com/portfolio/call-of-the-sea/

Sable offered our second feature in Future’s Gaming showcase on Friday! Get a closer look at Sable and her coming-of-age journey across the desert she calls home. With a charming, cell-shaded style and open-world exploration, this one is going to be a beautiful voyage of discovery when it releases next year! For now, check out the above video and the dulcet tones of Developer Gregorios Kythreotis from developer, Shedworks.

Release: 2021
Genre: Open-World Adventure
Platform: PC, Xbox One
Developers: Shedworks
Read more: https://rawfury.com/portfolio/sable/ 

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