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If you were planning to upgrade your graphics card to some of the latest NVIDIA or AMD ones in the market, then you might need to wait quite some time, because graphics card prices might be rising in the global market soon enough. And this is not related to the cryptocurrency mining craze.

The DRAM industry is experiencing an acute shortage of various types of Graphics DDR (GDDR) memory. Supplier quotes for various graphics card components have risen by almost 30% in  August, from an average of $6.50 in July to $8.50 now. Top graphics memory suppliers Samsung and Hynix have committed a bulk of their inventories to manufacturers of servers and mobile handsets, which resulted in a shortage of supply to the graphics card manufacturers. Samsung is the largest supplier of graphics memory, with a 55 percent market-share, followed by SK Hynix at 35 percent, and Micron Technology at 10 percent.

While it is yet undetermined by how much the prices can rise, the prices definitely won’t be the same till the market stabilizes (with a fresh batch of memory chips available for the graphics card manufacturers). So it is  advisable to hold off any plans to upgrade till now.

We thank Techpowerup for the news, which can be read here : https://www.techpowerup.com/236201/graphics-memory-prices-surge-30-in-august-could-affect-graphics-card-prices


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