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Recently details about an update was rolled out for Street Fighter 5 and it seems that Capcom has put an Anti-Cheat software. This should help prevent hackers from attaining in-game currency, titles, costumes, etc. that they haven’t earned.

Capcom writes on Steam:

Hello Street Fighter fans,

As a part of the new content and system update releasing later today, we’re also rolling out an updated anti-crack solution (note: not DRM) that prevents certain users from hacking the executable. The solution also prevents memory address hack that are commonly used for cheating and illicitly obtaining in-game currency and other entitlements that haven’t been purchased yet.

The anti-crack solution does not require online connectivity in order to play the game in offline mode; however, players will be required to click-confirm each time they boot up the game. This step allows ‘handshake’ to take place between the executable and the dependent driver prior to launch.

So what do you guys think about this update? Let us know in the comments below.

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