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Powerslave (or Exhumed in Europe), the often forgotten entry in the ’90s FPS hailstorm made on Ken Silverman’s Build Engine is getting a new chance at life. Throwback Entertainment announced that Powerslave: Enhanced Edition is being made in association with retro games guardian Nightdive Studios and will be using the KEX engine which powered remasters of games like Blood and Turok. Makes sense, since Nightdive was spotted trademarking both Exhumed and Powerslave a little of two years ago.

However, the remaster is said to be based on the DOS version of Powerslave and not the Sega Saturn version which is the superior version of the game. The Saturn version did get an unofficial remaster for the PC in the form of Powerslave EX on the KEX Engine in 2015 by Samuel “Kaiser” Villarreal, a Doomer who currently works for Nightdive. Sadly, it was shut down due to legal/copyright issues.

No release date has been announced.

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