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Biomutant – the RPG about humanoid creatures fighting each other in a post-apocalyptic world – has been in the spotlight ever since its announcement. The world-building, as well as character design, really seems unique – something which most games can’t boast about nowadays. With all the hype in the last couple of weeks before the official release of the game, THQ Nordic, the publishers of the game, have decided to open a merchandise store for players excited about the game.

Biomutant plushies, and more

The THQ Nordic store sells merchandise from the various games that it publishes. This includes titles like Destroy All Humans!, Darksiders, Kingdoms of Amalur, and Biomutant. The crowd favorite seems to be the Biomutant plushie – a thick furry duplicate of the in-game protagonist. Priced at $24.95, it’s a pretty reasonable deal for someone who likes to collect video game merchandise.

The store also has some other decent offerings. The Destroy All Humans! flip-flops, the Darksiders war statue, as well as the Kingdoms of Amalur hoodie look well designed as real-life collectibles. The only problem might probably be the Darksiders war statue, which does have a hefty price of $589.95.

How to get the merch?

To snag some of the merchandise for yourself, head over to the official THQ Nordic store. The store currently delivers only to the US, EU, and the UK.  If you stay outside of this territories, you might find yourself chewing a straw while you wait eagerly for Biomutant to release on the platform of your choice.

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