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Broken Lines, the alternate reality World War 2 tactical RPG available today for Nintendo Switch

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Ever since its release for PC, new alternate-timeline World War 2 tactical game Broken Lines has received an overwhelming amount of support from both players and press, scoring “Very Positive” rating on Steam and Top-20 Best Games for PC of 2020 according to Metacritic. Today developer PortaPlay and publisher are pleased to announce the game is now available for Europe (and will be available for NA region 14.00 Eastern Time) for the Nintendo Switch platform.

Initially planned for February, the game release was postponed until April 23rd so the team has the additional time to polish the game and make sure the game runs smoothly on the Nintendo Switch™ system. Final release features better graphics and lighting both in handheld and dock mode, various performance improvements, as well as gameplay improvements to make sure players from the PC, can grab a console and feel right at home – or behind enemy lines – while on the couch.

Broken Lines is a story-driven turn-based tactical RPG set in an alternate-history version of World War II. It’s a game about a group of eight soldiers who crash-land behind enemy lines. It’s up to you to lead them home while fending off the enemy and helping them deal with the horrors of war. The game combines a tactical RPG with story-driven gameplay. As your soldiers battle the mental strain of war, you’ll need to command them in combat— will they avoid the enemy, or go head to head with their foes?

Combat is similar to that of a turn-based tactical RPG, but soldiers move only when action phase starts. However, when new enemies and hazards appear, the game pauses to allow you to plan your reaction to this new change. Will you continue to charge forward, or back off and seek cover?

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